Small steps

     Poezie găsită aici.

I’m walking towards you
In small steps
Too scared to run
Too far to matter
It’s not your fault I want you
Nothing to do but stay still
‘Cuz my small steps will find
The way that leads to you.
I know it will take some time…
You may not even wait
Or you may choose another
Or hide behind the gate.
They say “Why don’t you hurry?
You’ll lose her, don’t you know?
I never answer questions…

I’m always on my way
But in my mind … I pray
I almost do not want to get there…
afraid to face the truth!
I know I will some day
And when I’ll find you
I hope you’ll say:
It’s you I’ve been waiting for!
But let me dream…
While I’m making my small steps.

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